Theatre And Stage




" Terminator X " laser skirmish



Another type of theatre is live involvement events such as the Laser skirmish ride

at a Perth fun park, we turned timber walls into war torn concrete walls,

 with other wooden panels painted to look like rusty metal pieces.



The ready room is normally very down lit

and painted to have the appearance of being in a sewer.



This entrance turret  is made of  3ply and timber,

 we painted it to look like war zone metal.








This set was painted for the play " Courtyard of Miracles " at  S.A. Theatre Co.













This set was constructed and painted for Seymour College's

production of  " The Wizard of Oz "





Set for Seymour College entry

  in the Rock 'n' Roll Esteadford  




" Joni's Theatre Bugs " 

commissioned this underwater scene on canvas backdrop 6.2m x 5m 

 for a children's production. 

Something Fishy... 




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