Television Commercials 






Radio Rentals air conditioning add, shot at an ice skating rink.







This is a background scene of the interior of a Maca's shop at night after closing with shop lights out,

painted on rolling flat at Anafex studio for clay animation add.

size 4.5m x 3m




Sunset for Anafex studios for clay animation for Mitea 10 add





Background painted on cyc. in studio, for product shots

 as part of Pioneer commercial being shot. 






This background was painted on a large flat wall in-studio,

The bricks were painted a half size bigger to save some time,

the only problem was when the 6' talent walked on set

he looked about 4' tall !











Woodies Drinks   Marilyn Monro Add








' Monstamunch ' Add














Life size out of  focus race crowd scene, which all ended up

very soft, like the bottom right corner.



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