Industrial Murals




The Fairy Shop story telling room, a full 360 degrees scene

with the fairies and elf's in fluorescent so they jump out at you,

magic for the kids !









In UV light only

Away with the Fairy...





A local child minding centre " story corner "




Always something different. Have you ever tried to paint a moving object,

this job was a freebee for the kids !

We volunteered our time for the Variety Club Bash, " not easy but cheep "


 " The Bat Cave "

   Inside walls













The Elizabeth Shopping Centre

had the insight to make the 2 baby change rooms in the centre child friendly,

by including this series of murals, The Farm room ....







and The Ocean room








This mural was commissioned by the country town of Owen in S.A.

showing their historic past, using several authentic black and white photos supplied by the locals.








See the whole mural  - - - >


This Australian outback scene was commissioned by the Mallala district council,

it is painted on the back wall of the RSL hall facing the kids playground.



Mandy and Graeme relaxing under their creation.





A touch of  Tuscany for the Strathalbyn Pizza Bar in Adelaide Hills






A therapy room which had no window,

so we opened it up





Stone wall painted for DeLonghi product display




This Mural was painted at the Westpac Data Centre in a 

large room in the centre of the building complex, which

has no windows to the outside world, so we painted one.






This mural was painted for the interior back wall of a marquee

 for the restaurant " Foljambes " at the Sterling Food Festival.

 The stall won " The Best Presentation " at the festival.




A wall mural in the front waiting room 

at John Francis Productions

Size 2.5m x 3m








A pair of locked doors in a nursing home

 in their dementia ward, presented a problem for

 some patients, so we painted a window.




A wall painted in the waiting room of radiology at

 the Women's and Children Hospital.



Also in radiology at Women's and Children Hospital we

created a visual theme around the new M.R.I. machine, which one of

the radiologists had dressed up to look like a yellow submarine 

the idea being to make the machine less frightening to the children.    



The waiting room for the M.R.I. machine patience 





The Induction room immediately out side the M.R.I. Machine

where the patient is prepared for their scan.






      This picture shows the machine in its naked      

               form during the installation at the Women's      

and Children Hospital, It was later

   dressed up to look like a yellow sub.







Pool Dogs

The pool room at the Rising Sun Hotel 

Loberthal S.A.






Gone to the Dogs ... Dear!





Cavern Club    Adelaide




The stage was painted to imitate the original

 stage in Liverpool U.K.






These floor to ceiling posters from the 60s and 70s

combined with the fluorescent gives any one

who was there a history rush




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