Film Industry

Backdrops, Sets and Props.





This Hallway in an actual house at North Adelaide was painted with these 4 individual scenes

for the movie " CUT ".





The Movie " Road Train "

We had to create a very bloody environment inside the back of the truck including

making PVC pipe look like rusty metal pipe and aging etc.





Coober Pedy on canvas










We were commissioned to do a number of paintings

 for the interior of the mansion scenes,

 for the movie "The Return of Black Beauty".

Each one a reproduction of an old master, painted to the size required.




















A Hawaiian Island sun set scene on the cyc. in  Studio as backdrop shoot off.








Also a large sky on a cyc. as background shoot off,

 at S.A. Film Corp. studios.












This old harvester we restored to look brand new for

the scene in the period movie "Sun on the Stubble" where the

train brings the new harvester to town.




A couple of peices we had to do for the

film " Travelling Light "




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