Commercial Photographers






This Background was painted 3m x 3m on backdrop paper, for "Blink Studios". The shot

with the subject, was being taken for Coopers Brewery.






This canvas was commissioned by Jug Brown Studio,

 painted with two scenes to be used for fashion shots, day time or evening wear etc.

 size 3m wide 5m drop





A couple of  backgrounds on backdrop paper  9' wide

 for " Blink studios "





This Background was painted directly on to the studio cyc. for a still shot advertising for Juralco






This Autumn scene was painted on a roll of  3m backdrop paper,

and then shot with only a few real autumn leaves as props.



     The simpler

       the better

       Some times  ! 







You might remember this one




The clouds are painted on backdrop paper, the mountains were made of papier-mâché and plaster, and the very foreground is a piece of foam curved with Santa snow sprayed on top and the brass balls dropped in,  then the photographer (Juggy Brown) went to work with his magic .






Car Shoots and their varied backgrounds 



























Backgrounds for that nature look These backdrops are painted on canvas

and rolled up for storage.


4.5m x 3.5m





3.5m x 3.5m





In this shot the sky and water were painted on canvas,

the chair was sprayed white then sign written with the logo,

and finally a couple of buckets of sea sand were added.



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